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The 9.9 China Brand Goods Industry Belt Live E-commerce Festival has sucessfully concluded!

Recap | The 9.9 China Brand Goods Industry Belt Live E-commerce Festival "Taizhou Stop" and series of activities including brand enterprise visits have successfully concluded!

The 9.9 China Brand Goods Industry Belt Live E-commerce Festival  "Taizhou Stop" and the CCF Shanghai 2024 One-Stop Drop-shipping E-commerce Selection Hall Promotion Conference, as well as a series of activities including brand enterprise visits and exchanges, held in Taizhou from September 9th to 10th, 2023, achieved great success. The event was jointly organized by the New Retail Supply Chain Committee of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, the Taizhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade (ICC), the Huangyan Bureau of Commerce, the Huangyan E-commerce Association, the CCF Shanghai 2024 Organizing Committee, Guangdong Cainiao Selected Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., the Yangtze River Delta Livestreaming Base (Penglian Youxuan), the Sanda Brother Livestreaming Alliance (Zhengyu Media), Taizhou Livestreaming City, and the Douyin Industrial Belt Service Provider (Four Seasons Strict Selection), along with other units and organizations.


The purpose of the event is to "cultivate creative and high-quality products in the industry belt, and create a benchmark for live-streaming bestsellers". By aggregating industrial resources in Taizhou, discovering and seeking out hit products, the event aims to endorse Taizhou's "brand goods", support the standardization process of department stores, live-streaming e-commerce companies, and new retail channels in Taizhou, and play a leading and radiating role in driving the industry. 

During the event, a series of activities were held, including live broadcasts, brand enterprise visits. These activities provided a platform for brand promotion, business communication, and cooperation.

Event Hights

#Openning speech

Zhejiang Business Association New Retail Supply Chain Committee Rotating Chairman/ Shanghai Penglian Group Chairman Zhu Qianmeng, Deputy Director of Huangyan Bureau of Commerce Cai Zhihua, and Chairman of Shanghai Dattor Exhibition Co., Ltd. Chen Xiqiang delivered speeches at the Openning.


#Keynote Speech 


Understanding the Role of Brands and Expanding Marketing Boundaries through Brand Utilization 

by Mr. Lu Xianfang, Chairman of Guangdong Xilinmen Supply Chain Co., Ltd./Guangdong Cai Niao Yanxuan Co., Ltd.


The Journey of Physical Factory E-commerce

by Chen Jinliang, E-commerce celebrity anchor (with over 1.7 million followers on Douyin platform)


E-commerce New Thinking: How to Transform Old Products into Hits

by Wang Hao, Head of E-commerce at Hanmiao Electronics

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How to Stand Out from the Overcrowded Department Store Market

by Zhao Binbin (Big Bin), Head of E-commerce at Yuanze


How to Successfully Implement Dropshipping in a Factory 

by Zu Yu, Founder of Yumo Technology and Oil Wheat Cloud Warehouse


Case Study of Live Streaming Base

by Zhu Riheng, Co-founder of Changsanjiao Live Streaming Base and Penglian Youxuan


Building a New Channel Platform for Home Furnishings and Department Stores

by Yang Fan, Organizing Committee of CCF Shanghai Spring Department Store Exhibition

#Strategic Cooperation Signing

Representative companies participating in the signing: Yangtze River Delta Live Broadcasting Base, Taizhou City Live Broadcasting Base, Sanda Brother Live Broadcasting Base, Chuangshi Live Broadcasting Base, Cixi Youpin Pavilion, Yiyatong, Youmai Cloud Warehouse, Yiwu Xilinmen Live Broadcasting Product Selection Center, Central Agent Anchor Training Base, Tuiyi Anchor Training Base, Mingzhi Video Anchor Training Base.


#Honorary Anchor Appointment Letter Issued

Seventeen anchors from various live broadcasting bases and platform institutions participated in the event. Among them, two anchors, Song Nana and Yuan Weizhen, from Taizhou Live City, were awarded honorary anchor appointment letters.


95 source brand factories and enterprises, including Di Fansi, Shenghong Home, Xin San Jiu, Xiao Qian Story, Ying Mei Plastic Industry, Xin Le, Rong Xiang, Pin Huan, Mu Fu, Jia Ting, Yuan Li, Su Xing, Dream Blue, Bei Shan, Sheng Yun, Nuan Nuan Home, Yan Ran Plastic, Ju Jin, Ji Run, Hua Yi, Guang Bao, Chen Ku, An Bi Xing, Shuang Li, Hua Lian, Kang Bao Li, Ya Chi, Chao Yan, Xin Jie, and others, participated in this event in the Taizhou area.


41 supply chain platforms/e-commerce companies from various regions, including Zhejiang Youcu Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Jiabangshou Group, Beijing Zhangshang Xianji Network Technology Co., Ltd., Gao Pinggou (Hangzhou) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Feixiang New Retail Club, Hangzhou Wangqian Media, Laoya Shushu Supply Chain, Nanjing Liuxiaohu E-commerce Co., Ltd., Shanghai Minledi Industrial Group, Youzan Culture, Suzhou Lianghuo Youpin, Taizhou Hanmiao E-commerce, Xinjiang Menlimenwai E-commerce Company, Zhaobeibao (Zhejiang) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Yuyan Network Technology, and others, participated in this event.



On September 10th, the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce for New Retail Supply Chain Committee, in collaboration with the CCF Shanghai Spring Department Store Exhibition Organizing Committee, organized a visit and exchange activity for Taizhou household daily necessities and department store brand enterprises.


Zhejiang Huannuo Industry and Trade Co,.Ltd.


Zhejiang Huangyan Baiqianhua Household


Taizhou Ruikang Household 


Zhejiang Kewu Houlsehold